This spacious studio unit in a premier development in Makati was purchased to serve as a halfway house for the client while waiting for his wife to finish work at her office nearby. The businessman wanted a place to relax or perhaps finish some work while waiting for traffic to abate before heading to their home in the south.

The client wanted the unit to feel like a hotel room with a relaxing bed and a mini bar/coffee station. It would also be a great concept in case they decide to lease out the unit for short term rentals later on. However, because the unit is only a halfway house and not really meant for residing in, the client did not want to spend too much. Thus, this luxury hotel room look was designed on a tight budget.

One of the challenges was to dramatically improve the design and create the luxury hotel feel required by the client without making too many expensive alterations to the existing unit. The only major works done were the added storage and lighting. Existing furniture, accessories and even lamps already owned by the client were reused to stick to the budget.

Details such as the luggage rack, the mini bar, a soft shag rug with comfy slippers add to the hotel feel of the space. An old wooden bed from their previous condo was upholstered and made up with hotel linens, a bed runner and accent throw pillows. Just like in a hotel, there is a small desk, a comfortable accent chair and a place to eat.

A shelf was placed to block direct view of the bed upon entry. Old and new accessories and some plants bring some colors to the mostly neutral palette. A backsplash, some art and added lighting brighten up the existing kitchen. The small dining area doubles as an eating and working space. The awkward niche between the kitchen and built in cabinets was converted into a mini bar with the TV mounted above. Storage and accessories were added to the bathroom for ease of use and color. A lamp reflects on the mirror and adds brightness.

Luxurious drapes were a must to achieve the hotel feel.

The wallpaper installed along an entire wall creates a focal point and adds warmth to the room. The earthy tone and pattern keep it neutral yet interesting. The accent mirrors and modern light fixture anchor the bed.