This studio unit was renovated in the midst of the lockdown. Despite the many delays and work stoppages, a close (mostly virtual) collaboration between, client, designer and contractor produced this fun yet cozy and efficient space in Quezon City. The client wanted to personalize the unit and maximize storage space. At the same time, it had to be interesting and appealing for either short-term or long-term rentals. The original location of the closet made having a living area impossible. Moving it allowed space for a small couch and a seamless integration with additional storage units.

Geometry became a design theme in this studio, making it dynamic and interesting. Angles and triangular patterns on the accent wall draw interest. This is subtly reflected on the triangular backsplash, the details of the dining chair and the angles of the night stand. Curves and circles in the form of lights and lamps, mirrors and the coffee table provide a soft contrast to all the sharp angles.

The teal and pale pink brighten up the space in just the right doses. The balance with an array of neutral colors keep the space relaxing and neutral.