This four bedroom yacht was dark and needed an update. The highly polished dark wood paneled walls and furniture, tired upholstery and brocade soft furnishings were holding back the design. The old beige carpet was always covered. A few new and modern accessories were not enough to bring the floating vacation home up to date. The designer was challenged to refresh the space without touching much of the wood paneled and upholstered walls and the ceiling and lighting.

The most obvious solution was to reupholster all loose furniture including the sofa and dining chairs. The upholstered panels around the beds were also changed. New bed covers and throw pillows were made, and bright colors added. New window coverings, a new coffee table, and a brand new luxurious printed wool carpet sealed the deal. Careful discernment was involved in all the choices for the yacht as materials needed to be able to endure a lot of movement, must not move around and make noise during sea turbulence and must successfully provide privacy for the family when docked near other boats; as well as insulate from the noise of the engine. Space is at a premium in a yacht and customized solutions were needed as a boat is full of slopes and curves. Light colors, bright accents and varied textures and patterns, along with practical solutions, modernize this unique living space.

A soft, patterned, wool carpet is both luxurious and enlivening. This carpet brings in soft blues and grays in addition to the beige. Fun fact: carpets in yachts are almost always light in color because you’re not meant to be wearing shoes!

The two smallest bedrooms got new bed covers and bright pillows. Hunter Douglas honeycomb blackout shades filter out the light from outside. Some of the shades were installed with wire tracks because of the sloping windows. The former dark, red and green junior master turned out to be bright after all. Unlike the other rooms, short blackout drapes are used here instead of shades because they couldn’t be installed along a curved wall.

The dimly lit master is updated with a mint green bedcover, new upholstery and bright throw pillows. Sea shell patterned pillows match the dresser ottoman stool and allude to the ocean outside.