This home is for a single career woman who bought this unit at the heart of Makati CBD in order to be walking distance to her office. She had been renting a fully furnished unit prior to moving and had few furniture pieces of her own. She wanted a home with lots of storage, an area to work and space for her many books. It had to be easy to clean and highly functional for her busy lifestyle. The client wanted room to accommodate guests despite being a one bedroom unit and an efficient utility area and kitchen. The unit came fully furnished by the developer but all furniture were removed except for the dining set which worked well with the design scheme. A neutral color palette was used, but the varying textures and patterns kept it interesting. The design is sleek and contemporary with personalized touches and cozy details.

A stylish yet functional home:

The media unit not only houses the TV and entertainment system, but also has hidden storage for the client’s many books. The desk is integrated into the design, but is also moveable. It features a dropdown work surface and a

pull-out shelf for the printer underneath. The accent chair in the living room doubles as a desk chair. The accent wall in the dining area is actually a

storage wall, effectively hiding an unsightly column as well as a coffee nook, a bar and pantry.

A custom bed and headboard unit integrates style and function. The unit is designed with built in reading lights and large drawers under the bed.

A custom slatted storage unit overhead hides the unsightly AC unit and serves as additional storage for books.

We chose to keep the existing kitchen in the unit, but changed the sink and faucet to more modern fixtures. The old tile was demolished and a new,

back-painted glass backsplash was installed. Versatility was important as well as keeping countertop spaces free. Thus a hanging dish rack was installed and a high tech power track was installed. The client can place an outlet anywhere along the track, wherever it would be convenient.